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Web Links

Web Links

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User: thebcgpsstoreRating: 2October 16, 2009
User's Average Rating: 2.0# of Ratings: 1
Ordered an aviation GPS antenna and was delayed with the shipment for 7 weeks until I finally called again and they assured me the item was shipping the next day. The price quoted was the website price the price which was billed on my credit card was 3 x as much as seen on the website. When questioned about it they said that is the aviation price and after a long discussion they finally agreed to refund me my money- 2 weeks later! Not impressed and will never buy again from them!

User: bcrockcrawlerRating: 10February 23, 2004
User's Average Rating: 10.0# of Ratings: 1
Have bought both of my GPS receivers from them and arranged a purchase of 7 units for Nanaimo SAR... great great service.

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