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Blitz Bingo & Summer Fun
Posted by: katcogo on Thursday, June 13, 2013 (19:44:49)


Bingo is back!

To celebrate the Blitz GO BIG! and to encourage you to get outside this summer we bring you a new dastardly game of the ever popular BCGA Bingo.

The game will be simple - draw a card, fulfill the task AFTER it is drawn on your card, continue until you can call BINGO!

We will start out with a BIG Square. After that has been won we will continue with 2 other winners with a Full Card. You will be playing for a small gift bag of BCGA swag, including a coin, pin, buttons and fridge magnet.

Any B13: Blitz caches whether published before or after the start of the game will qualify for either the Blitz tasks or other tasks on your card.

Any caches that are not B13: Blitz caches must have been published prior to June 14, 2013 to qualify for a Bingo task.

Not enough Blitz caches in your area? There is still time to get cachers to hide Blitz caches - the deadline is July 2 to have them published.

Remember, this is a game. Please play fair. There are a couple of tasks that may be open to collusion, you will know them when you see them. The Bingo judge may disallow any task where she considers there are any shady dealings.

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