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Gold Country 2013 (WestCan3)
Posted by: GoldCountry PokerRun on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 (23:26:35)


Gold Country 2013 (WestCan3)

Gold Country Geocaching Poker Run

Join us on June 29th for a Gold Country experience beyond your wildest dreams. There will be entertainment, fun and games, geocaching trails, local history & culture of the Gold Country area – all planned for your enjoyment.

Fun for the entire family and of course there will be GEOCACHING! A minimum of 100 caches will be released the beginning day of June 29th in Merritt, BC. This will be the Westcan3 MegaEvent! GC43VD0.

WestCan is a Canadian legacy series of mega events to support rural economic development in Western Canada. The Gold Country Geocaching Poker Run is proud to carry the torch as WestCan3 following on the heels of the success of Best of the Bad (WestCan1) and Island Spirit 2012 (WestCan2). The Gold Country Geocaching Poker Run (WestCan3) will be a historic gold rush themed event - and will further build on the success of WestCan2.

The Geocaching Poker Run Route will involve our various communities within Gold Country and stretch over a nine day period. Various routes have been planned for attendees who can stay the entire 9 days, as well as those who can only attend for a few days.

The geocaches will remain active after the event is over and will be found on This is a one-of-a-kind event you don't want to miss! For more in depth information about the Poker Run, hotel and campground reservations, registration, routes, the itinerary and more please visit the official website from the following link To register go to Registration for the Poker Run is free but you will want to receive a very special registration package that is $12 ($15 value). Registration is not required if you are only geocaching. Bear

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