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National Parks Program
Posted by: couloir on Tuesday, April 30, 2013 (16:38:06)
Mount Revelstoke Ski Jump

Mount Revelstoke Ski Jump

We are pleased to announce that a program to expand geocaching into two National Parks has moved ahead after much discussion. A committee of geocachers has worked with National Park reps in Revelstoke to add geocaches in Glacier National Park and Mount Revelstoke National Park. A small number of geocaches were placed in the park a few years ago and the overall experience was a positive one. Parks still faces declining visits and has a mandate to reach out to urbanites in Western Canada, especially in selected demographic groups. Geocaching is seen as one way to netrwork and encourage interest in the parks.
The concept we have collaboratively developed is to add educationally focused geocaches within the parks at sites selected by Park Rangers and Interpreters, featuring sites with natural and cultural history. Earthcaches will be added over time. The first round of geocaches for placement is slated for this spring summer. Watch for announcements once this phase is complete.

The second initiative is to place partner caches in urban centers that focus/market on similar features in the two national parks. A draft concept is included here:

"We are looking for ideas and locations for geocaches in Vancouver, other large cities in the Lower Mainland such as Richmond & Surrey, Whistler, Kamloops, Kelowna, and Calgary. The main goal is to create geocaches that have a connection to a story or theme from Mount Revelstoke and Glacier National Parks, and Rogers Pass National Historic Site. People that find these geocaches in urban locations, will become more aware of the stories and themes in these Parks and sites, and hopefully be enticed to visit the connecting geocache or twin geocache.
A few possible examples include:
Ski Jump: Mount Revelstoke has a strong history of ski jumping, and still has a natural ski jump on the hillside, which was the first place in Canada where world records were set for ski jumping.
[url= ] [/url]
The Urban geocache locations that would link to this site would include the ski jump at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary, and the ski jump in Whistler.

Giant Ancient Trees: The Giant Cedars boardwalk is an incredible place to view ancient cedars of the only inland temperate rainforest in the world.
Urban Geocaches could include places like Stanley Park.

1910 Avalanche Disaster - the largest avalanche disaster in Canada. 58 railway workers were killed in an avalanche. 32 of them were Japanese.
An urban geocache could be outside the cemetery in Vancouver where several of these men are buried.

Here are the links to the 2 parks and the National Historic Site:

Here are a few video links that might help people think of other angles and
stories that could be shared about the park.

Fire: The Burning Question (5 minute version)

Dancing with Wolverine (wildlife camera captures wolverine
playing with rope)

Video about working as a Parks Employee for “life” (really
great interviews with staff about working for Parks) - might be
good for Orientation and giving students a feel for what parks
are about.

Video about `noticing the small things in Glacier National

Cultural - Climbing Mt Tupper - [url= ] [/url]- great sound track!

Cultural - Ski Jumping – Flying without Wings great sound track!

Hemlock Grove - a wheelchair accessible trail in the inland

BCGA is involved with the working committee in the planning stages, but now we are looking to add geocache owners to place these partner caches in communities. This is a good opportunity for geocaching to make a mark within the National Parks program. Can you help out?

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