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First Geo-You Training Day a Success!
Posted by: katcogo on Thursday, November 22, 2012 (20:36:36)


The BC Geocaching Association was pleased to partner with the Metro Vancouver Geocachers to present the first Geo-You Training Day held Nov 17 at Crescent Beach. The day was cool and wet at times but close to 75 brand new to very experienced geocachers came together to learn "What do YOU need to know to become a Super Geocacher"

Thank you to the incredible presenters for their well planned and presented sessions!

The presenters included Cuddlefish, Catapult Jeff, vmclaren, qwackers, MrGigabyte, goaliegirl38, and katcogo with special assistance provided by MsChief Gps_y, Hollyburn and geodug. Special thanks goes to the team of Bacon49 for arranging a donation from Cobbs Bread and Iron Maiden for not only arranging and serving lunch but for also manning the check-in for the entire day.

Cachers had a chance to meet and mingle over a delicious lunch between the morning and afternoon sessions.

Sessions ranged from Introduction to Geocaching through Puzzle Primer; they included The Art of the Hide I and II, Caching With A Smartphone, what you should have in your cache bag, topped off with what you should know about your GPS, Maps, and GSAK. For the final session we were very pleased to welcome Wizard of Ooze, Nadia from the City of Surrey and Stella from Metro Vancouver Parks who all talked about their guidelines, why they exist and answered questions.

Look for another Geo-You Training Day coming to a location near you!

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