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For Those Who Hide or Seek Caches In Caves/Mines
Posted by: katcogo on Thursday, November 01, 2012 (04:17:25)


This important information comes to us from The Wildlife Conservation Society of Canada

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When deciding whether your geocache site should be located in a cave/mine, please consider the following:

There is a newly discovered fungus (White Nose Syndrome) killing bats in caves and mines while they hibernate. Over 5 million bats have already died from this in North America since it was first discovered in 2006.

If you have been in other caves or mines (especially outside of B.C.), please do not enter underground areas as you may inadvertently track in spores of this fungus. If you must enter, please be sure to thoroughly decontaminate clothing/equipment before entry (following protocols on ). This can be as easy as washing your clothes in hot water, and removing all mud from your boots.

Why save our bats? Bats are the primary consumers of night-time insects including mosquitoes, and forest and agricultural pests. Our trees, crops, and our health depend on bats! The greatest diversity of bats in Canada is in B.C. (16 species!).

White Nose Syndrome is in Canada, but not yet in B.C., and we hope to keep it that way for as long as we can. We need your cooperation. It is still not fully understood how this fungus is spread, so please take all precautions and do not enter bat roosts such as mines and caves.

To learn more about the plight that our bats now face from White Nose Syndrome, please visit the US Fish and Wildlife website.

Thank you!
From the Canadian WNS Committee, Wildlife Conservation Society of Canada, B.C. Ministry of Environment, and B.C. Bat Action Team.

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