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BINGO game - Get to know your local cachers
Posted by: Fonty Family on Wednesday, July 04, 2012 (20:18:45)
To call BINGO

To call BINGO

Since you all blew through Blitz’12 BINGO, the BCGA is starting up “Get to know your local cacher BINGO”. So get out you dabbers and start researching!!

As usual there will be random tasks and draws. But this time, tasks will include finding caches hidden by cachers that have certain characteristics. All tasks must be completed after the task on your BINGO card is revealed. Tasks performed before the square is drawn will be invalid. As the BINGO judge/moderator (dictator) all my decisions are final. Appeals can be sent to me but will be ignored

There will be two draws per day (only up to one task will be revealed for each draw). Go out and have some fun and win some prizes!! There is only one game to play and three winners. If you have won a prize in the Blitz’12 BINGO game, you are NOT eligible to win in this game.

You can draw your card HERE

The card must be completed as follows to call a BINGO:

The BCGA is offering a set of 2011 coins (spring, summer, and fall).
• The first person to call BINGO will get to choose which season to claim.
• Then, the second person to call BINGO will get to choose which season to claim from the remaining unclaimed seasons.
• Then, the third person to call BINGO will get the last unclaimed season.

Note: Tasks can only appear once but multiple tasks maybe completed with a single cacher. If this occurs you must complete the each individual task using a DIFFERENT cacher (ie. No double dipping). So for example, if you use one of Katcogo’s hides for a task square, you will not be able to use Katcogo or any of her other hides for another task.

There will be tasks based on a specific number, to verify these tasks the number will be determined at the time the judge checks the card for the player.

Please note, this will involve a bit of research (ie. Getting to know the various cachers), you will have to look at various tabs within their profile. If a cacher, has turned off their “stats” page, you will need to find someone else if the task involves a statistic.

All caches found must be within the province of BC.

The judge (dictator) does not sit at the computer all day and night, so it maybe a few hours before a response is made to a forum post.

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