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Gold Country Gold Trail Ready to Launch Phase II
Posted by: katcogo on Thursday, June 14, 2012 (06:42:48)


The Gold Country Gold Trail announced they will launch Phase II of their very popular Geocaching GeoTour this summer

The program shows visitors the mainroads and backroads of the Gold Country in the interior of BC. Each cache site has been selected to highlight an aspect of the human or geological history of this interesting part of our province. Each cache is accompanied with a very well researched and written description of the significance of the spot.

The launch events will take place throughout the summer. At each event 12 new caches will be published in the surrounding area. The cache pages will be available at the event with the caches published the following day on The original 72 caches are still active and there will be another 72 caches published. Once again a booklet of all caches will be published, probably in September.

For more information check out their website

The Gold Country Gold Trail is also the first and so far the only Geocaching GeoTour in Canada. For more about this program check it out HERE

Here are the launch dates and locations:

1) Saturday June 30th - Ashcroft - Pool Picnic Area, 561 Elm St. 10 am (alongside event: Eagle Motorplex 25th Anniversary Bash)

2) Friday July 13th - Merritt - Spirit Square, corner of Voght St and Ganite Ave. 10 am
(alongside event: Great Canadian Bike Rally)

3) Saturday July 21st - Lillooet - farmers market on Main St. 10 am (alongside event: Apricot Festival)

4) Saturday August 4th - Logan Lake - Meadow Creek Golf Course, Meadow Creek Rd. 10 am (alongside event: Logan Lake Days, Sunday August 5th)

5) Sunday August 26th - Clinton - Reg Conn Centennial Park, Smith St. 10 am

6) Friday August 31st - Lytton - Caboose Park, 400 Fraser St. 2 pm (alongside event: Lytton River Festival)

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