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A Happy Sea Lion
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BCGA News —» BCGA News —» Introducing the Summer of Excellence!
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Introducing the Summer of Excellence!
Posted by: katcogo on Sunday, May 11, 2014 (07:12:27)


Introducing the Summer of Excellence
A creative cache is a gift from its creator to every geocacher who finds it. Whether it is a unique container, a well crafted cache page and/or puzzle, or an incredible location, these caches are pure pleasure to find. Caches that include all three are extra special.

Geocachers around the world were inspired by the recent Maker Madness events which challenged us to exercise our creativity to make awe inspiring caches for people to find.
We want to celebrate these creative caches and the geocachers who place them.

The unofficial start of summer is the May long weekend, and the unofficial end of summer is Labour Day so this is when the contest runs. There will be a small launch in Cumberland on May 18th as part of the BCGA AGM weekend

▪ Caches can be placed but may not be published before May 18, 2014
▪ To be eligible caches must be published by August 4th, 2014
▪ There are no categories – we are simply looking for the best of the best
▪ Voting will run from May 18, 2014 to September 1, 2014 at midnight.

How To Place an Excellent Cache
We will leave that to you! To create a cache to be considered for voting get your creative juices flowing.
▪ Caches may be placed in anywhere in the province of BC
▪ On your cache page title your cache B14:[name of your cache] eg B14: Cats & Dogs
▪ Place the voting banner at the bottom of your cache page and indicate the gc code and the region where the cache is placed (you will need to enable html on your cache page)
▪ Any caches that violate Groundspeak guidelines for cache placement will be disqualified
▪ For complete "how to" instructions click HERE and information HERE

Voting & Prizes
Encourage people finding your cache to vote for it on the BC Geocaching Association website. The voting banner on your cache page will link directly to your cache’s voting area. Favourite points do not count as they are only available to premium members.
▪ Prizes will be awarded to the caches with the highest votes in each region.
▪ The number of prizes for each region will depend on the number of geocachers

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