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Forums —» General Caching —» General —» KVR Power Trail
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KVR Power Trail
If you have questions/comments about geocaching in general or anything that doesn't fit anywhere else, post them here.
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Highlander 71

Joined: Apr 17, 2011
Posts: 80

PostPosted: Sat Aug 17, 2013 10:06 am    Post subject: KVR Power Trail Reply with quote

For quite some time now I have been salivating over the KVR series that runs from Tulameen to Thalia and I was just wondering if someone out there who has done this route has any advice. I'd love to bike the trail, and my window of opportunity would be the week of September 8. I'm hoping at least one of my caching teammates will be able to join me. I/we would be driving from North Vancouver.

So here are some of the questions I have:
- Would it be practical/possible/advisable for me to do this solo? (in other words, am I nuts?)
- I have read the logs for the caches along the route but nobody has said how long it took them by bike. Google Maps suggests the ride is 1.5 hours but how much longer does that get when you add stopping for caches into the mix?
- Which would be more efficient, caching from Tulameen to Thalia, or vice versa? (Relative to the drive back to North Van afterwards)

Just a little background info for those that don't know me - I'm a casual bike rider who has done the SVT 3 or 4 times in the past year as well as a few of the mcwilli series along nearby dikes. While riding the KVR isn't exactly a "bucket list" item, I will be turning 60 that week so I'd really like to meet the challenge.

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Mr. Wilson and a Mt. Goat

Joined: May 01, 2009
Posts: 481
Location: Nanaimo

PostPosted: Sun Aug 18, 2013 12:11 am    Post subject: Re: KVR Power Trail Reply with quote

We did that series during the Great Confuzzled Rush, nice trail for a bike ride.

I believe it took us most of the day, probably 7 or so hours. That includes the backtracking along the road we did (extra 8km), multiple DNF's along the road(and trail: #10,#33), and some driving to the other access points. I'm sure you could do it in 5 hours.

The riding is slow, parts of the trail are softly packed and not easy to ride on. We encountered a couple areas that had been washed out, and other areas with larger stones that had come down the embankments.

I would not recommend doing it solo. There are lots of caches which can take awhile to find (or not find), and you'll want to take breaks to enjoy the lakes or have a bite to eat. Riding back from the end of the trail would probably take you around 1.5 hours, possibly more/less depending on how fast you're willing to go. Of course you could do it the opposite way around too, and ride out first, then find the caches on the way back. This would probably be more tiring IMHO, having to get off/get on the bike every so many hundred meters can get quite strenuous after a long day of riding.

That guy in shorts.
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