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Forums —» General Caching —» General —» ET has Landed in a BIG way
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ET has Landed in a BIG way
If you have questions/comments about geocaching in general or anything that doesn't fit anywhere else, post them here.
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Joined: Jun 17, 2008
Posts: 118

PostPosted: Tue Jun 22, 2010 10:57 am    Post subject: ET has Landed in a BIG way Reply with quote

I have cached many times in California and Nevada. In fact my first cache I ever got was in California yet I live in the Lower Mainland.

I had had enough of the weather in BC and not being able to put together some great caching days back to back.

I keep in touch with what is going on in NGA (Nevada Geocaching Association) and learned ET was going to land on the Extraterrestrial Highway near Rachel Nevada and the surrounding area.

I decided to drive down with my daughter and attend the BIG E.T. Highway Invasion (GC24WZ4) this past Saturday. This was the release of about 1200 caches in the area. The line runs just north of Alamo Nevada to just east of Tonopah Nevada. This is a line of about 120 miles or 190KM of open range land. It is also near Area 51 and the Nellis Airforce Base range. There is NO GAS between these two points. In fact there isn't much of anything other than Rachel itself and it has no gas for the public.

The caches were to be released Saturday morning but that was changed due to the Event organizers having to load everyone's GPS. Most of them (997) were released on Monday June 14th. I did my PQ and had to divide my caches north of Rachel and south of Rachel because most GPS's have a 1000 Cache limit. Many "extra" caches pop up in the PQ such as the "Black Mailbox" for Area 51 (now painted white and really is the mailbox to a rancher but has a slot for area 51.
I left Langley late on Thursday and drove to Yakima WA. From there we from to Twin Falls ID then onto Tonopah NV where we stayed the night but not before doing the last 100 caches in 2 hours. Not bad at 50 caches and hour.
On Friday we had to be in Rachel for the Alien Search Party Event (GC284ZD) at 7:00PM. We cached our way backwards (yes it is best to go from Alamo to Tonopah because all caches are on the east side of the road) driving down the wrong side of the road. That day we cached just over 200 caches and headed to Rachel for dinner and to set up camp and get ready.
At the event the organizers Clay4&whtwolfden welcomed us. A few of those that came from far and wide like the cachers from New Hampshire that drove there in 4 days and those that flew in from Florida and the trucker (cacher) who came from Illinois with his rig and dropped in San Diego and then rented a car to come. The there was the token Canadian that was introduced (me).
There was a night cache event in the dessert of an Alien head and 51 caches. Yep this was to be a 6 mile walk at night using flashlights and glow sticks. We were the third to get our GPS loaded and off we went. We arrived at GZ to see a steady stream of cachers following. Pick your spot and head into the dessert looking for caches. It was pretty much the first 10 or so teams trying to be FTF on the caches. We arrived at our first two caches and were FTF and on on our way to our third that was when things got interesting. I walked right past a large snake (didn't see it) only to have it head for Amy (daughter) and she jumped and screamed. It was then we arrived at the next cache a scorpion was headed away from the cache. Amy had had enough at this point and wanted to quit. I talked her into one more trying to be more careful but arriving at the next cache had a baby scorpion right next to it.
As we were picking up a cache a 4x4 pulled up we pointed out the critter and they went humm and offered to take us along. It was NVsrvyr driving and Alamogul riding shot gun and Materus in the back seat with us.
man these guys sure know how to cache. They were quick and prepared. They have a system down second to none. The rest of the caches were done in short order and we were one of the first teams back. During the run we had a badger run in front of us as well and saw a few more scorpions.
While Amy and I did miss 16 because the team had already done them, we had a blast. We also managed a CO-FTF as well.

During the event Clay4&whtwolfden released 51 large helium balloons with lights over the event to try and see if would scare anyone. The sad part is talking to them the next day they said no one noticed.

The last team to arrive back arrived back at 3:30AM.

I have to say it was till I was logging the caches that I found who this team was and why they had it down to a science. Alamogul has 43,000+ caches and is the number one cacher in the world and Materus has over 20,000+ caches.
This team on the Saturday did a total of 917 caches.
There were many teams that did 650+ caches on Saturday.

On Saturday morning we headed to the E.T. Highway Invasion (GC24WZ4). We signed in and talked for a few then had to head down to Warm Springs to fuel up. Amy and I started at ET-001 and cached till about 11:30 when we headed back to Rachel for lunch and the noon event. I manged to win a coin at the event and was rather glad I didn't win the Nevada nano. When this was done w headed back on the road and picked up where we left off. My back started to give me troubles and I was sore but we managed 302 caches.
Today we saw many lizards, one snake, a Fox and Deer not to mention the cows and horses running all over the place.

Just prior to the event there had been an accident between a pick-up truck and a steer it wasn't a pretty site with truck smashed up on side of road and dead steer on the other right next to a cache. There had been another accident earlier in the day at the same location and another dead cow. Not many did this cache (we did it though) because you can imagine steer on side of road with temps in 30's it didn't smell good.

Yes it was fun and I met many great people. The Little Alien Inn rocked all weekend and the owner was more than hospitable. She allowed us to set up trailer's, campers and tents in the area. We ate in her restaurant and drank there. She had heard of caching briefly prior to this and when she was approached by the organizers she said she really didn't think there would be many people. Had she known there was going to be this may people she would have done things completely different.

The one thing that has been noted the cows love to eat the caches and thus why they are covered with rocks but it still doesn't help. One has to tale a lot of water and food with you. It is hot!!!! We climbed to around 7,000 feet ASL along this road to cache. Gas mileage goes out the window.
It is said that within a few weeks many caches will be missing again and there is no telling how long this line will last. It will for sure not make it past next winter and the snow.

I will post a link to some photos etc when I return.

I end in Thanking Gus and Clay for a great event and a line of caches.

Phil... in sunny HOT Las Vegas about to go to the pool......
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Joined: Feb 10, 2007
Posts: 86

PostPosted: Tue Jun 22, 2010 7:32 pm    Post subject: Re: ET has Landed in a BIG way Reply with quote

cool! thanks for sharing the storys
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