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Forums —» General Caching —» News Article Discussions —» Dog_Cachers hits 2000
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Dog_Cachers hits 2000
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 10, 2009 10:53 pm    Post subject: Dog_Cachers hits 2000 Reply with quote

The Monday Caching crew started talking about a UBC area trip about October 7 this year. Apparently a great area for power caching. D-Tour’s got a van. Would help keep the cost down. Discussions carried on over the next couple of weeks. I hadn’t even thought about a milestone cache at this point. It wasn’t on my radar yet. The Baker’s Dozen had been published a week or so earlier. I was working my through it on the weekends when I could. Still not much thought about a milestone. Then D-Tour mentioned the TreeHugger cache and that it was supposed to be the oldest cache in British Columbia. As I continued through the Bakers Dozen, I realized I was getting close to the 2000 milestone and the oldest cache in BC would make a great milestone. The date for the UBC trip was set for November 2. I still needed 25 before reaching 2000. The Monday Caching Crew that was able to make the trip met at D-Tour’s house at 6:00 AM and the hunt was on. We headed for the 7:00 AM ferry. D-Tour, Sole Seeker, Wrooster, Cache Crop and myself. An amazing group of friends to cache with! It could only have been better with even more of the Monday Caching crew. The first cache of the day was found 5 minutes out of the van in the parking lot. I carried a countdown list to keep track of the numbers as we went. As we ploughed through the caches, the group kept tabs on my count to make sure we weren’t going to accidently slip past my 2000th. With 3 to go, the group changed the route and picked caches that would get me to Tree Hugger for the milestone. The rain let up as we drove into the park. Got a parking spot right across the street from the trailhead. The crew hung back as we approached GZ and gave me the pleasure of finding the cache and hitting 2000. Nice park. Nice big cache. Well maintained. And one I could find quickly! Then we realized that none of us had brought a camera. Nonetheless, a truly wonderful day with a fantastic group to share my 2000th with. But the milestones aren’t what made Geocaching so special. The amazing people I’ve met along the way is what made it special and kept me coming back. I’d like to say to all those I’ve met at caches, cached with, sought out lost hiking poles with, dined with, shared a drink or two with, burned 35 years of paystubs with, solved problems with, learnt with, hiked into areas I’d never have done before Geocaching with...thank you. I’m looking forward to the adventures the next 2000 should bring.   full article.
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