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Forums —» General Caching —» News Article Discussions —» Our Caching Adventure
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Our Caching Adventure
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K is for Crazy

Joined: Jan 30, 2009
Posts: 8
Location: The Kootenays

PostPosted: Thu Sep 24, 2009 4:49 pm    Post subject: Our Caching Adventure Reply with quote

Our Caching Adventure by Aden

Hi, we’re a family from Trail BC and we cache as “K is for Crazy”. This past Sunday we went on a caching adventure to Grand Forks. First we stopped at the Paulson Bridge where we found our first cache of the day called “Fun as most things are”, then went to do a cache on an old train bridge that is now part of the Trans-Canada Trail. The cache is called “The Trouble with Trestles” and it was a very good cache. It was a fun, sneaky cache. Then we went to Kettle Gorge and Kettle Falls to search for 2 other caches but we didn’t find either of them! We searched for about half an hour for each of them. It was a good thing that is was a nice place since we didn’t find the caches. And finally we got to Grand Forks where we saw a lot of deer in people’s yards. We went to a cache called “In The Foyer” which was a mine entrance. It was a steep climb to the mine. The mine had a small entrance and then a big room. Good thing we found that cache. After that cache we went on a steep hike up Observation Mountain to find two more caches. My father and brother found the first cache, “Observe our Town”, and then we walked to the other cache, “Where the Sun doesn’t Shine”, which was in another mine. And to find the cache we would have had to go into the mine, but we found the container outside the mine in the open. I guess someone didn’t want to go back in the mine to re-hide it. So we signed the log and we re-hid the cache inside the mine where we thought it should be. It was pitch black inside the mine so we had to use our flashlight. It was getting dark outside so we had to hurry down the steep trails on the mountain before it got too dark to see. Then we went to eat at A&W and it was delicious! After that we headed home but even though it was night my dad found two caches along the way. We let him search while we were star-gazing. It was beautiful, we saw the Milky Way and billions of other stars, and maybe a satellite or two. It was a very great day!

Some of the ways my family is reducing our carbon emissions are things like, my dad walks to his work, and we planted lots of shrubs and flowers in our yard.

Some of the ways we can try reduce our carbon footprint is to go for walks and ride our bike downtown instead of taking our truck, my mom could take the bus to work at her store instead of driving our truck. We could also add more insulation to our house or turn down our furnace a little bit. We can also remember to turn off lights if nobody is in the room.   full article.
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