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Forums —» Regional —» Vancouver Island —» VIGPS Hide n' Go #5
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VIGPS Hide n' Go #5

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Joined: Dec 04, 2008
Posts: 295
Location: Victoria

PostPosted: Sun Jan 11, 2009 3:39 pm    Post subject: VIGPS Hide n' Go #5 Reply with quote

The VIGPS Hide n' Go Cache #5 will be coming up at the end of February. Keep an eye on the thread on VIGPS.COM for breaking news as it happens Trophy and I'll try to keep this thread in the loop too. Thank you in advance to JRAV and their committee for organizing this much anticipated Vancouver Island caching event each year Medal .

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Joined: Dec 04, 2008
Posts: 295
Location: Victoria

PostPosted: Mon Feb 02, 2009 8:23 pm    Post subject: Re: VIGPS Hide n' Go #5 Reply with quote

It's that time of year again on Vancouver Island - the caching event of the year has been announced!

Here are the details, in full copy from VIGPS.COM. You can follow the thread and take part in the discussion over at VIGPS.COM Vancouver Island's Community for GPS Users and our source for the latest and greatest local caching news! We even have VIGPS.COM exclusive caches and a moving cache too.

There are 3 steps to this event. The Hide, The Go-Cache, The Event.

The Hide

The hide date this year is Saturday February 28th AND Sunday March 1st. Yes, 2 days!!

Last year, we had a theme and it was such a HUGE success that we thought we should do it again!

Five alive: wild and woolly caching

We're thinking of it as sort of an animal theme, that would also include wildly difficult puzzles, wild and rugged terrain, and so on, but don't let us stifle your imagination. Have fun with it! Be creative!

As with previous years, micros are allowed as part of this event only if they are ingeniously disguised in high traffic urban areas, and, each cacher can count only one micro in their total hides. Multi caches that have micros as the intermediate steps and a final container that is larger then a micro will not be counted as your micro hide.

We would like to see the same type of caches hidden that you like to find - mind-bending puzzles, ingeniously camouflaged urban micros, Lock n' Locks in the woods, caches large enough for your trade items, etc.

There is a trophy for the cacher with the most hides.

Your caches must be hidden on Saturday February 28th or Sunday March 1st. No pre-hiding (or post-hiding) allowed.

You must abide by the cache placement guidelines when hiding your cache. Keep in mind that your hide must be at least 161 meters from another cache. When submitting a multi or puzzle cache, include the intermediate steps to speed up the approval process. Be nice to mtn-man!

After submitting your caches, please post a note in the forums to indicate the name of the cache. On the cache page, please state that this cache was hidden as part of the 5th Annual Vancouver Island Hide-&-Go Cache.

The Go-Cache

As the caches start to appear on, go out and find them!

To qualify for the Most FTF's trophy, you must hide at least one cache. A couple years ago we had a few cases where a group wanted to be listed as FTF. To avoid confusion and squabbles, only one recognized cacher will be listed as the First finder.

But it's not all about FTF's - just think about all the fresh air and exercise you will be getting by going out and finding all these new caches!


Last year Waymarking was an overwhelming success! If you would like to have a trophy in your home for a year, but don't feel you can maintain any more caches, then this is the event for you!

There is a Trophy for the most Waymarks posted, and the most FTL (First to Log). To qualify for this portion of the event you must include a photo of the Waymarked object when you post the Waymark and when you log, even if photos are not a requirement for that category. We are including this rule so you cannot simply go through the phonebook and post all the McDonalds locations on the Island.

The Event

A wrap up event is in the queue, so we can get together to hand out prizes and chat about our hides and finds. You can attend the event even if you haven't hidden any caches. Watch for this being listed soon!!


Ask them on the VIGPS.COM Hide n' Go forums.
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