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Content —» 2013 Directors Meeting Minutes —» 2013 January 21 Executive Meeting Minutes
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BCGA Executive

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2013 January 21 Executive Meeting Minutes

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BC Geocaching Association

Executive Meeting Minutes

January 21, 2013

Kathy Costello, Adrian Fontenla, Michelle Degroot, Kathleen Sharpe

Call to order 1935

Call to order @ 1935

  1. Additions to the agenda

    1. Membership email - ListServe

  2. Review & Approve Minutes of Nov 12  meeting

Adrian Fontenla motions to approve

Michelle Degroot seconds


  1. Business Arising/updates

  2. Financial overview

    1. Expenses re Training Day & website approx $700.00

    2. Bank Balance 11600 Approx

    3. Donations

Kathleen Sharpe motions to approve

Kathy Costello seconds


  1. By-law committee

    1. Discussion

    2. Proposed changes

      1. Posting proposed changes for discussion

Adrian Fontenla motions to refer back to committee with recommendations to items discussed

Kathy Costello seconds


Adrian Fontenla  motions to thanks Doug for his tremendous efforts in drafting the by law changes and working with the board

Kathleen Sharpe seconds


  1. Ongoing Projects/Activities

    1. Regional Reps

      1. email the reps regarding a future conference call re Skype

      2. Facebook & other social media

        1. FB slowdown at this time of year

        2. Twitter RSS feed now

        3. includes forum posts

    2. Bingo

      1. On Adrian’s agenda

  2. Coin Update

      1. Report on Christmas sales

        1. Ten sets recorded sold

        2. consider sets versus single sales

          1. shipping and handling fees

        3. Promotions

      2. 2012 – 2013 coin

        1. Discussed options

        2. Waiting on final designs

        3. Possible Limited Edition coin

  3. Training days

      1. Report on Lower Mainland Event

      2. Other events

        1. Vancouver Island - nothing definite

        2. Interior - trying to find the appropriate venue and date

  4. 2013 AGM

    1. - date?

      1. April - June 2013

    2. - location?

      1. Far and wide we are heading to the fringes of the province

  1. Parks Canada Committee

    1. New committee

    2. Parks Canada has indicated on initiating more geocaching

    3. Interior Parks

    4. 2 year time frame indicated - Pilot Project

    5. Adrian Fontenla as Liaison

  2. Other

    1. Membership email - ListServe

      1. List serve design has problems

      2. Email Manager

        1. Data storage site

        2. Ownership issues

        3. Limits to free plan

        4. Minimal fee possibly worth it for the security

        5. Test runs

Kathleen Sharpe  motions to adjourn   

Kathy Costello seconds


Adjourned @ 2220

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