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Content —» 2012 Directors Meeting Minutes —» June 11, 2012 Executive Meeting Minutes
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BCGA Executive

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June 11, 2012 Executive Meeting Minutes

BC Geocaching Association
Executive Meeting Minutes
June 11, 2012

Call to order : 1933
Kathy Costello, Adrian Fontenla, Kathleen Sharpe, Michelle DeGroot

1. Additions to the agenda
a. Geocaching 101
i Ongoing
b. Ministry of Highways
i. Status returned to previous GP guidelines
2. Approve Minutes of May 7 meeting
a. Carried with Amendments Adrian Fontenla motions- Michelle DeGroot seconds
i. Carried
3. Financial Statements
a. Discussion
b. Michelle DeGroot motions - Kathleen Sharpe seconds Carried
4. Business Arising/updates
a. Nothing arising from video project
b. Swag given at the Jamboree and Geofreakz
c. Kathy Costello gave out swag etc - Aldergrove Park
d. Kathy has pamphlets with BCGA Logo and GPS batteries
e. Survey companies? - Adrian Fontenla
i. Survey Monkey - levels of membership
ii Free Online - Not really free
iii Fluid - Free
1. Adrian Fontenla to set up the survey with questions supplied by executive
2. Multiple choice
3. Kathy Costello to assemble the questions
5. Island Spirit
a. Swag
i. Cost and swag decided upon
1. 500-button bags approx cost $600 + HST
2. 500-1.5 inch magnet backed bags and cards approx cost $300 + HST
3. 250-Printed brochures $200 + HST
4. Michelle DeGroot motions to accept all swag item expenditures and budget - Kathleen Sharpe seconds - Carried
b. Booth
i Schedule - Kathleen Sharpe will talk to Chris Yuill re set up and schedule
2. Button Bags at booth
c. Intro Course - i. Kathy Costello will talk to Helen and Chris Edley re MEGA Schedule and when to run it
6. Blitz
a. How is it going/stats
as of this am - 118 caches - 112 votes and 58 voters
Fv - 16
KR - 14
LM - 23
TO - 16
IN - 21
IS - 5
NO - 23
b. Wrap up dates/hosts/locations
i. August 25 & 26th due to conflicting events
ii Kathleen Sharpe will contact Regional Reps to set their location for the date(s)
iii. they provide the info and the BCGA publishes the cache pages
c. Prizes
i. Suppliers
Kathleen Sharpe to check with sponsors and advertisers
7. Ongoing Projects/Activities
a. Regional Reps
Still need North Island & Lower Mainland
b. Bylaw committee
i. Still need some members to come forward and/or the executive to get involved
ii. Survey question regarding bylaws
c. Facebook & other social media
d. Outreach
Gold Country has launch date and been named the 1st official geo tour on GS
e. Bingo
95 cards - 40 actually playing - 1 winner so far
f. Coins/pathtags/swag
Tentative Schedule set for coin
8. Other
a. Newsletter
Additions and topics discussed
Gold Country
Island Spirit

9.Adjourn Adrian Fontenla motions to adjourn
Michelle DeGroot seconds
Adjourned @ 2151

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