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Content —» 2012 Directors Meeting Minutes —» March 12, 2012 Executive Meeting Minutes
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BCGA Executive

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March 12, 2012 Executive Meeting Minutes

British Columbia Geocaching Association
March 12th, 2012

The meeting of the BCGA was called to order at on March 12th at 8:00pm on Skype.

Present: Kelly Contant, Chris Yuill, Kathy Costello, Jacqueline Sheppet, Kathleen Sharpe

1. Approval of December, January and March 1st meeting’s minutes
Moved: Kathleen Seconded: Chris (for December)
Moved: Kelly Seconded: Chris (for January)
Moved: Chris Seconded: Kelly (for March)

2. Ongoing business from last executive meeting
? Upcoming Island Spirit Mega Event
We are prepared to sponsor the event at the Cougar Level $1,250 provided we can include, from that amount, the $400 for an exclusive sponsorship of the registration event. We will also provide button bags for the registration bags.
Moved: Kelly Seconded: Kathy Costello Passed unanimously.
? Returning Officer
Tom Furlotte, (Coast2coast2coast) will perform the duties of the Returning Officer for the upcoming AGM. He has the list of duties and is aware of his role, although he will be unable to attend the AGM.
? Bylaw Change Proposal
The executive have written a final draft of the by-law changes to be voted on at the AGM, which is to change the term of half of the executive.
Motion: that the BCGA executive distribute the bylaw change proposal as a special resolution in the notice of meeting package.
Moved: Kelly Seconded: Kathleen Passed unanimously.
? Elections
The secure, electronic module is ready having been tested extensively tested. No one can see anyone else’s vote.
Notice of the AGM has been written and will be going out asap. The AGM will be held 4pm on the 31th of March in Kamloops at the Burt Edwards Science School gymnasium 711 Windsor Avenue, Kamloops. Registration to being 3:30pm.
Motion: that the BCGA executive accept the notice of the AGM and send it to our members.
Moved: Kathy: Seconded: Kelly Passed unanimously.

3. New business
? Financial Report
Kathy Costello has prepared the financial reports and will be uploaded once they are signed by the President/Secretary and Treasurer in advance of the AGM.
Motion: that the BCGA executive accept the financial reports as prepared by the treasurer.
Moved: Kathleen Seconded: Jacqueline Passed unanimously
? Member PDF Requests
We have provided pdf requests to the members that have requested them, but we need to add pdfs of the bylaws as they are meant to be available for download to all members (as per the bylaws themselves). We will scan them and get them up asap.

9:29pm Meeting adjourned Moved: Kelly Seconded: Chris

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