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Content —» 2011 Directors Meeting Minutes —» November 3rd , 2011 meeting minutes
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BCGA Executive

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November 3rd , 2011 meeting minutes

British Columbia Geocaching Association

Nov 3, 2011

Opening: The meeting of the BCGA was called to order at on November 3rd at 8:00pm on Skype.

Present: Kelly Contant, Chris Yuill, Kathy Costello, Jacqueline Sheppet, Kathleen Sharpe

1. Approval of last meeting’s minutes Moved: Kelly Seconded: Chris

2. Ongoing business from last executive meeting

MOT Issue

BCGA have some potential contacts from the Ministry of Transportation to liaise with in order to solve the issue. Presently there is still a concern with geocaches placed near MOT Rights of Way in the general Quesnel area.

Kelly will contact the Minister of Transportation and engage the help of a employee with the Ministry who is also a geocacher in BC and a BCGA member.

Jacqueline will respond to the forums letting them know we are in contact with the Ministry.


We have a designer to turn the concept into a design for our upcoming coin. We have sent the information to the designer with the information that this is a tight timeline. We are waiting to hear back. The coin should have colour and texture as per the discussion around the initial idea.

Production should follow not long after.

3. New business

BC Parks final report

Kelly is drafting a report based on a template provided by the BC Parks contact outlining the statistics that show the success of this initiative. Due by the end of November.

MVP/ Geocaching 101 Trainers course

November 24th at Burnaby Lake. We will charge $350 for a 4 hour session to train MVP Staff

Adjourned 9pm, : Kelly moved: Kathy C. seconded

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