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Content —» 2011 Directors Meeting Minutes —» April 14th, 2011 meeting minutes
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April 14th, 2011 meeting minutes

British Columbia Geocaching Association Minutes April 14, 2011

Opening: The meeting of the BCGA was called to order at on April 14th, 8:04pm on Skype.

Present: Kelly Contant, Chris Yuill, Kathy Costello, Kathy Sharpe, Jacqueline Sheppet

1. Ongoing business from last executive meeting

- MVP Spring Sessions – Three left to do April 16th, May 14th, and June 11th. Insurance taken care of and the first session is this Saturday. Katherine C, Kelly, and Jacqueline will attend.

- Parks Canada Gulf Island Project – I sent Eric Hertz some our brochures and a link to the Groundspeak video and power point presentation.

- Fraser Valley Ripple Effect – Nothing new to report

- British Columbia Recreation & Parks Association Symposium participation May 11 – 13th day. What do we need to do?

- BC Wildlife Federation/Becoming an Outdoors Woman June, Chris will require GPSrs and pins to sell etc. Chris will ask for support on the forums

- Best of the Bad event Bought a table/booth

- BC Park/Year of Science 100th anniversary Coins, pins, geocaches are all on schedule. Custom logbooks with logos. Need logo from BC Parks. BC Parks pins, buttons, stickers, tattoos etc also to arrive. List of potential cache sites. Launch tentatively to be in Kamloops

- BCGA Swag BCGA is making some buttons as swag items, for BC Parks caches amongst other uses. Cheaper alternative to coins, pins etc. Better advertisement opportunity with geocachers creed.

Motion: that the BCGA purchase of 600 packages (1800 buttons total) @ $1.11 per package of 3 plus tax Katcogo, Seconded Chris All in favour, passed.

- Contacted the member regarding his request

- Go2hr email request Sent info

- BCliving “Hit the Road” video series Waiting for response

- Lifetime Learning Centre email request May ask mcwilli?

- Webmaster’s contract Waiting for Webmaster to respond to contract.

2. New business

- College of the Rockies – Golden campus

- Cache Up NB / Cache Up Canada Tabled until next meeting 3. Advertising

- Update Landsharkz has paid for their advertising

4. Events

- 101’s / Trainer Training Tabled for next meeting

- Blitz Voting from 1 – 10 perhaps? Nominations 3 – 5 nominations per category, winner chosen by random draw More categories May 15th – July 1st find until midnight August 2nd Jacqueline will post on the forums

- Bingo Tabled until next meeting

5. Geocoin

- One design so far, waiting for others.

Adjourn 9:25pm Kathy Costello, seconded Jacqueline Sheppet passed unanimously

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