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Content —» 2011 Directors Meeting Minutes —» February 3rd, 2011 meeting minutes
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BCGA Executive

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February 3rd, 2011 meeting minutes

British Columbia Geocachers Association Minutes February 3rd, 2011

Opening: The meeting of the BCGA was called to order at 7:34pm on February 3rd, on Skype.

Present: Kelly Contant, Chris Yuill, Kathy Costello, Kathy Sharpe, Jacqueline Sheppet

A. Approval of Agenda Agenda approved

B. Introduction and Orientation The new board was welcomed by the president and received an introduction to the website, email addresses and to the BCGA account at Groundspeak for event s etc.

C. Ongoing Issues from Last Executive

There will be three Metro Vancouver parks Spring 101 sessions to be run like the previous sessions in 2010. They are as follows:

Tynehead April 16th Derby Reach May 14th Boundary Bay June 11th

There is a need for volunteers to help run the sessions however we are bound by the requirements that Metro Vancouver Parks needs a Criminal Records Check for all volunteers. Kelly will contact past volunteers to see if they may be available for these dates.

The BCGA is currently working with BC Parks to produce 100 caches to be placed in various BC Parks locations as part of their 100 year celebration. An agreement is being reviewed by the board with more info to follow..

They would like a coin, pins and various other trinkets for each of the caches. It appears there is a tight timeline on this project with a launch potentially in May. The BCGA is receiving payment of around $8000 to produce the coins, pins and provide 100 cache containers, logs, etc.

Metro Vancouver parks Volunteer Appreciation Day at Minnekhada Park Saturday March 12 8 am – 1pm

They need 4 people to support an Earth cache type activity. The BCGA Executive needs more info before we can commit to this event.

D. New Business

Metro Vancouver Parks would like to continue working with the BCGA on further Geocaching 101 sessions in the upcoming year.

There will be some changes however, as compared to the previous sessions. The new sessions will carry a user fee of $10 plus the BCGA will be required to carry liability insurance. Along with the CRCs and First Aid requirements etc, the BCGA believes this is an onerous task for such a small Executive to handle, especially with two living on the island.
Therefore, we would not like to continue to support as we do presently, but would like to move into more of a training/consultative role. We would be pleased to train the Metro Vancouver Parks Officers to conduct the sessions by themselves. Kelly will contact Metro Parks to negotiate an arrangement

Parks Canada Gulf Island Project would like a geocaching “consultant”. We would be pleased to look further into providing support once we have further information.

Fraser River Ripple Effect has requested information regarding geocaching for a geocaching session they are planning. Kathy Costello will contact to see what they require from the BCGA.

The British Columbia Recreation & Parks Association Symposium would like the BCGA to help with a geocaching activity for participants. Kelly will email them for more information

BC Wildlife Federation/Becoming an Outdoors Woman is an event Chris Yuill will be participating in and will be making use of the BCGA GPSr units to teach the group about geocaching. The event will be held in Winfield, near Kelowna and may require some local volunteers. Date to be confirmed and added to the GPS reservation list.

A UVic student working for Parks Canada/Yoho National Park requested some information on bringing more geocaching into the park. Kathy Costello will contact regarding further info.

Henry Kamstra (_CanadianBacon_) has been providing IT/website support for the BCGA for many years. The BCGA appreciates his hard work and believes that we need to enter into a formal agreement and compensation for him for his work. Jacqueline Sheppet will contact to sketch out a formal contract.

E. Advertising

Current companies that have an ad rotating on the front-page need to be contacted to continue their advertising agreements. The companies are: Caching Containers Landsharkz The Caching Place Worldcaching Cachers Toy Box Gold Country Zagg

We also have one emailed request for advertising. Kathy Costello will follow up with all advertisers as need be when their agreements come due for renewal.

F. Events/Geocoin

Tabled until next meeting Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned at 9:25pm Kathy moved Chris seconded

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