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Content —» 2011 Directors Meeting Minutes —» March 10th. 2011 meeting minutes
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March 10th. 2011 meeting minutes

British Columbia Geocaching Association Minutes March 10th, 2011

Opening: The meeting of the BCGA was called to order at on March 10th, 7:55pm on Skype.

Present: Kelly Contant, Chris Yuill, Kathy Costello, Kathy Sharpe, Jacqueline Sheppet

1. Approval of last meeting’s minutes Moved: Kathy S, Seconded: Kathy C

2. Ongoing business from last executive meeting - Metro Vancouver parks volunteer appreciation day. Kelly and Kathy will help. BCGA GPSrs will be used. We will accompany the Metro Vancouver Parks volunteers and support their staff to show them what geocaching is about. Parks has put out the caches.

- Metro Vancouver Parks Spring 101 sessions Kelly, Jacqueline, Kathy C will lead some upcoming sessions Tynehead April 16th Derby Reach May 14th Boundary Bay June 11th

- Parks Canada Gulf Island Project We can help provide them with some geocaching information via a Power Point presentation and brochures. They also want us to advertise their program. They want to put out caches and want some help in setting up caches in the parks and making their own coin. Kelly will continue to be in touch.

- Fraser River Ripple Effect info request They want to put out 10 caches in significant spots along the Fraser River, using interesting caching containers and are looking for some sponsorship/swag. BCGA can offer some pins. Kathy pointed him in the direction of the guidelines. They will get back to us.

- British Columbia Recreation & Parks Association Symposium participation May 11 – 13th. Would we put out a booth or geocaching workshop? Kelly will make further enquiries.

- BC Wildlife Federation/Becoming an Outdoors Woman No further info. Tabled until the next meeting

- Parks Canada/Yoho national Park Geocaching program info request They would like help in setting up a 5 stage multi cache, for July 1st. We are waiting for reply to see how we can help them further.

- Best of the Bad event Sponsor package Kathy S and Chris will be going, we will be renting a booth for $150, asking for volunteers on the forums. Once booth is confirmed Jacqueline will post on forums. Motion: That the BCGA pay $150 for a booth at the Best of the Bad Mega Event. Motioned: Chris, Seconded: Kathy S Carried unanimously.

- BC Park/Year of Science 100th anniversary In progress, will tender for quotes to make the coin. Landsharkz is designing the coin. Cache hiding in progress in new parks if possible. Kathy S as contact will post more information for hiders on the forums. Contract is on their way to BC Parks. They need someone to do banners on web pages. We will send out request for caches to 3 vendors for containers mixed sizes, rectangular, notebook size as a minimum with Rite in Rain books, info cards and some BCGA swag. Specific swag ideas still pending. Budget still to be finalized for this project. The BCGA may consider free coins for cache hiders, executive and banner designers Launch date to be decided and location to be decided however, we would like to see if Strathcona Park is possible

3. New business - Geocacher dr_carmster may promote his related game on the forums

- Year of Science Prince George event We will put info on BCGA website, PGCachers may partner with YOS to help promote/support the event.

- Go2hr email request We can send PowerPoint presentation and will recommend

- BCliving “Hit the Road” video series Jacqueline will contact her to help find people for her documentary

- Lifetime Learning Centre email request We can send PowerPoint presentation

- Webmaster’s contract Motion: The BCGA will offer the Webmaster of the BCGA website a formal arrangement for web services. The executive agrees to contract as it has been laid out. Moved: Jacqueline, Seconded: Chris, Carried unanimously

4. Advertising - Update Tabled until next meeting

5. Events - 101s - Blitz - Bingo Tabled until next meeting

6. Geocoin Tabled until next meeting

Meeting adjourned 9:45pm Motioned Kathy S, Seconded Kathy C

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