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Content —» AGM/EGM Minutes —» January 15, 2010 AGM Minutes
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January 15, 2010 AGM Minutes

2010 AGM Minutes

Annual General Meeting Minutes Saturday, Jan 15th, 2011

Present: 81 Irene Pickell, Kevin Pickell, Anne Cotter, Jean Brown, Janie Ager, David Cook, Andrew Barkley, Jeff B.Muirhead, Tom Furlotte, Jeannine Grenier, Ronald McClelland, Jacqueline Sheppet, Margaret Delgatty, Doug Soon, Kathy Muirhead, Kathy Costello, Lisa Alder, Wendi Waage, Chris Edley, Michael Waage, Chris Yuill, Thomas Ogle, Bob Bunting, Helen Edley, Laara Egan, Elaine Collison-baker, Kathy Gillies, Allen Wells, Gary Peterson, Marie Morton, Mike Ducy, Ben Nelson, Patti Crozier, Sheila Taylor Nixon, Sandy Nixon, Marg Duin, Ted Nash, Kelly Contant, Paul Saunders, Gloria Hendrickson, Sharon Cross, Marlene Flory, Kathleen Sharpe, Kevin Cottrell, Diane Sloper, Vernon Ben, Paul Jay, David Nelson, H. James Grono, Patricia grono, Julie Mactire, Jess McKinnon, David Kingston, Scott Chadwick, Manfied Pabsdorf, Heinz Diedrichs, Dianne Flory, Jeff Stevens, Bruce Pridge, Allen Buchannon, Shelley LaBerge, Mae-Claire Locke, Julianna Wells, Juanita Wells, Paul legacy, Aranea Van Burik, Ken Adams, Bill Harkonen, Kim Kirton, Valerie Kirton, Nicole Blakey, Trevor Johnson, Wendy Groundwater, Allan Costello, Bob Thomas, Leo Paradis, Connie Paradis, Joanne Andreeff, Patty Wamer, Piper Farghuhar, Bill Ducey

Proxies: 17 Dustanne Contant, Jeff Curnew, Peter Huggins, Randy Loewen, Mary Loewen, Chris Baker, Kathryn Saniuk, Michel Payeur, Cathy Lewis, Patty Gay, Jeff Kilgour, Stuart Meindersma, Laurie Fox, Oran Flory, Nina Bianco, Linda Marinus, Henry Kamstra,

1. Call to order – Ted Nash called the meeting to order at 2:02 PM

2. Adoption of the agenda - Moved by- Marg Duin , Second by- Kevin Pickell –Passed

3. Adoption of the Rules of order- Adoption of Robert Rules of order – Moved by Sharon Cross, Second by Kelly Contant - Passed

4. Approval of Minutes of the Nov 14th 2009 Annual General Meeting: Ted motioned that unless there are any objections to approve the minutes from the last AGM. Moved by-Chris Edley, Second by- Gloria Hendrickson- Passed

5. President report – Presented by Ted Nash State of the BCGA • There are 491 members that have renewed for 2011. There are 111 that have not yet renewed. • There are over 18,700 geocaches in BC • There are over 23,000 people that have found BC caches. It’s impossible to accurately tell how many of those are BC cachers due to the fact that we no longer scrape data from the site.

This year, our relationship with Metro Vancouver Parks grew immensely and culminated with the approval of their official geocaching policy.

Next year, BC Parks is celebrating its 100th anniversary and has asked the BCGA to partner with them to have a geocaching component to it. Details have not yet been firmed up, so expect more on that from the new Executive. There is also the possibility of another semi-local mega event... Best of the Bad Mega Event (WestCan1) in Three Hills, AB. This is sure to be an exciting event for the BCGA and for BC cachers to attend.

From an organizational point of view, we had our share of mostly ups, but also some downs. We had a resignation (Stu Meindersma) right near the beginning of our term. It was sad to see him go, but we pulled together to fill the gap almost right away with a quick re-shuffle of Executive positions and the appointment of Andrew Toms as Director.

What we did this year Metro Vancouver Parks One of the main factors in strengthening our relationship with Metro Vancouver Parks was holding a series of Geocaching 101 style events, all promoted through Metro Vancouver Park. We held these events as follows: • May 8 at Pacific Spirit Regional Park • June 5 at Capilano River Regional Park • June 26 at Campbell Valley Regional Park • September 11 at Belcarra Regional Park • October 16 at Aldergrove Lake Regional Park • November 20 at Kanaka Creek Regional Park

All of the sessions were very well attended and Metro Vancouver Parks paid the BCGA $200 for each session. Three future sessions have already been planned: • April 16 at Tynehead Regional Park • May 14 at Derby Reach Regional Park • June 11 at Boundary Bay Regional Park

I expect these sessions to be equally well attended. I highly recommend that the next Executive continue holding these sessions as they not only strengthen our relationship with Metro Vancouver Parks, but also makes us a few bucks in the process.

I’d like to thank the following people for their help with these events... Kelly Contant, Irene Pickell, Sharon Cross, Jacqueline Sheppet, Anthony Floyd, Kathy Costello and Laurie Bullivant.

Science World We attended the Treasure! exhibit at Science World on May 22nd and 23rd. We set up a booth with a projector showing a slideshow, the BCGA information board and handed out brochures. We spoke to a ton of people all about geocaching and felt that it was a successful endeavour. Science World paid the BCGA on honorarium of $400 for our participation.

I’d like to thank Irene Pickell and Stu Meindersma for their help in manning the booth.

Geowoodstock We attended this great mega event... the first one to be held so close to us and probably the first mega event that a lot of members have ever attended. We purchased booth space and had a handful of volunteers that offered to help man it for us. The booth contained all sorts of information on caching in BC and we took in donations for BCGA pins. Unfortunately, we couldn’t do any coin sales due to tax implications with being out of Canada. Overall, the event was very well attended and we even got to meet the illustrious mtn-man. I’d like to thank the following people for assisting us in running the booth... Sharon Cross, Gloria Hendrickson, the wild thingys (Ginger Houser, Claire Belzer, Patti Dyson and Diane Ruggles), Jacqueline Sheppet, Fiona Burness, Anthony & Gwen Floyd, Jeff & Kathy Muirhead, Hartley & Pat Hughson, Peter Schmidt, Andrew Toms, Robert & Christine Hawkings, Kris Wheeler, Doug Soon, Laurie Fox, Laara Egan, Sheila Wheelhouse, Chris Yuill, Tom & Heather Furlotte and Irene Pickell.

Olympics In conjunction with the 2010 Winter Olympics, the BCGA encouraged communities across the province to host geocaching events with the Light the Geotorch theme. Events were held in Cranbrook, Port Moody, Chilliwack, Campbell River, Prince George, Kamloops, Williams Lake and Victoria. The events were fairly low-key, being mostly meet ‘n’ greets with the attending cachers. Thanks to the following people who helped to organize the events... Stu Meindersma, Irene Pickell, Sue Sandar, Kathleen Sharpe, Andrew Toms and the Prince George and Area Cachers, Doug Smith, the Cariboo Cachers (Ken & Sharon Duffy and Ginger Houser), the Geocaching Community of Greater Victoria and Bill Young.

Blitz Following tradition, we held yet another successful cache blitz throughout the province. The biggest change that we made this year was that we extended the length from 1 month to 3 months in order to ensure that all members had lots of time to find and vote on the caches. The cache hiders had 1.5 months to hide their blitz caches. This meant that all blitz caches had more than enough time gain enough votes to make it past the cut off. We also held wrap events around the province and awarded medals and certificates to those whose caches were voted as best of the best in each category. In the end, there were 353 caches hidden for the blitz. A total of 927 votes were submitted by 167 different members. I’d like to congratulate all of those who won awards. I’d also like to thank the following people for helping to organize the wrap events... Kathleen Sharpe, Anne Cotter of the Geocaching Community of Greater Victoria, Sue Sandar, Kathy Costello, Andrew Toms, Ginger Houser, Natasha Nel and Ashley Johnson.

GPSr purchase In late April, we decided to purchase 10 GPS units to be used at various events and to be loaned out to BCGA members as needed. The total purchase price was $1,076.15, thanks to Brian Lachapelle for securing us quite a deal ($50 off the retail price per unit). We’ve used the units at all of the Metro Vancouver Parks events, as well as loaned them out to a number of people.

GeoBingo Throughout the year, we held 8 GeoBingo games. It was a new and interesting idea and from what I’ve heard, people had a lot of fun. Prizes were awarded in each of the 8 games. Huge thanks to Stu Meindersma and Henry Kamstra for their work in running and creating the games.

2010 Geocoin & Pins As with tradition, we produced another BCGA geocoin. This year, we decided to ask the members to submit their designs. In the end, we awarded the design to Joecacher (Val Whittington and Brian Lachapelle) and awarded the production to Landsharkz. We produced both a non-member antique copper coin, as well as a beautiful members only black nickel coin. We also produced a limited number of a Director’s edition, as well as an artist’s edition. Coins are still available for purchase if anyone hasn’t got the hands on one yet. We also produced another set of the green pins that have been produced in the past (in the shape of the province of BC). These are also available for sale for anyone that wants one.

Final thank you’s I’d like to give a HUGE thank you to Henry Kamstra for all the work that he put in to the website for this year. Without him, our website wouldn’t be what it is. So Henry, thank you! I’d like to also thank those of you who donated financially to the BCGA this year. We sincerely appreciate your support!

I’d also like to thank my fellow Directors for all of their hard work and contributions to this year’s Executive... Kelly Contact, Irene Pickell, Sharon Cross, Tom Furlotte, Ginger Houser and Andrew Toms... it was a sincere pleasure working with all of you and thank you for making this (in my opinion) one of the most cohesive teams yet. Also, thanks to Stu Meindersma for helping to start us off in the right direction before we parted ways.

In closing, Ted expressed regret if he missed anyone who contributed this past year.

6. Treasurer report – Irene Pickell provided the financial statement. Total expenses were 6,095.58, total revenue was 6,964.30 with a net income earned this year of $868.72. The biggest non recoverable expense was the booth and setup for Geowoodstock. Total equity – $14,034.67 There being no questions- motioned to accept the financials as presented. Moved – Doug Soon, Second – Kathleen Sharpe - Passed

7. Special resolution - Bylaw Changes - No changes were discussed at this time, however it was expressed that the new directors should review and update the bylaws as they need to be updated.

8. Executive Elections Number of Directors for 2011 A. Discussion was had on how many directors to have on the Board this year. Chris Edley gave some input and thought it would be most productive to work with 5 on the Board.

B. Motion by Ted Nash: To have 5 directors for 2011 – Moved -Chris Edley, Second- Ben Nelson - Passed

C. Executive Elections run by: Ted Nash, Irene Pickell, Sharon Cross Votes will be counted by show of hand and proxy There were 81- members present, 17- Proxy votes, 0- Electronic votes. The total of eligible votes would be 98. Ted Nash reviewed the voting procedures that would be used. (Note: Chris Yuill was Nominated for Vice President at the AGM and accepted.)

The following members were elected by acclamation; President: Kelly Contant Vice president: Chris Yuill Treasurer: Kathy Costello Secretary: Jaqueline Sheppet

Nomination for Directors At Large were the following: Kathleen Sharpe Jeff Curnew Kathleen Sharpe was elected by majority.

D. Signing officers for the BCGA will be: Kathy Costello, Jaqueline Sheppet, Kelly Contant

9. Message from the new executive Kelly Contant spoke on behalf of the newly elected board. He wished to thank everyone who attended the AGM, and for the support shown by all the Vancouver Island cachers, and those that made the trip from the Mainland. He is excited to work with the new team, and thinks it is good to have a link between last year and this year’s board. He acknowledged that there have been some great topics brought up in the forums and is looking forward to speaking with the smaller groups to bring everyone together.

10. Other Business; There was no other “BCGA” business to discuss. Chris Edley gave a brief speech on the upcoming “The best of the Bad” Mega event and Adventure Maze being held in Alberta this year and encouraged anyone to contact him for more information.

11. Closing motion to adjourn – Ted Nash motioned to adjourn the meeting- Moved- Helen Edley Second- Irene Pickell - Passed

12. Meeting is adjourned at 2:45PM

Prepared by: Sharon Cross

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