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Content —» 2010 Directors' Meeting Minutes —» 6) May 11, 2010

6) May 11, 2010

British Columbia Geocachers Association Minutes
May 11th, 2010

The meeting of the BCGA was called to order at 6:15pm on May 11th, 2010 on Skype

Present: Ted Nash, Ginger Houser, Andrew Toms, Kelly Contant, Irene Pickell,Sharon Cross
Absent: Tom Furlotte

A. Approval of Agenda
Agenda approved

B. Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the last meeting were approved with changes

C. Open Issues

Update of closure to BCGA/Cacher matter:
After an in person meeting with cacher the Board received a letter stating requests to resolve the situation and put it to closure. The Board has acted on some of the requests and is working on others.

Ted motioned to send a revised apology letter, moved by Kelly, second by Irene. All agreed – passed.

Note: We will be addressing the Regional Rep’s position at a later date.

Financial update:
The Pins have been purchased; they did come in at a slightly higher due to a reduced amount being purchased. GPS units have been purchased and received. The Booth for Geo Woodstock has been purchased.

The BCGA currently has aprox.$11,000 in the bank plus $200.00 in donations from new memberships.

Coin update:
A winner for the design has been selected and they have been notified. A “thank you” gift was sent out to all those that participated.

It was discussed that reservations of for coin may be installed prior to the sale date, but sales will not commence until they are in our possession. Andrew will be sending the design out to bid next week.

Event update:
The first of the Metro Vancouver Parks events held at spirit Park was a huge success and very well attended. Metro Parks is requesting the BCGA to host events in September, October & November. They would like the BCGA to do 2 events in each month, it was suggested that due to the commitment perhaps 1 event per month could be agreed to. Ted will continue discussions with the MV Parks.

Science World:
Science World has recently come back to us and asked that we participate in the Hunt for Treasure event they are promoting. It was agreed that the BCGA will support this event and host a booth. Science world has offered the BCGA $400.00 for our participation.

Ted has been preparing and it is being organized.

Irene will be posting soon on the BCGA website for volunteers to participate in the booth for 30min – 1 hour. Andrew will work on a brochure to showcase the different regions of our Province. Tom is preparing a slide show.

Blitz update:
The Blitz is well under way, caches that were submitted incorrectly have been reviewed and corrected as they are brought to the BCGA attention.

There will be an email sent out at the end of the month as a reminder of the deadline for submitting Blitz caches.

D. New Business
1. Changes to SOP:
Irene motion to add the following into the SOP:

- Due to the geographic locations of the board members, Directors' meeting may be held by an electronic means such as MSN chat or Skype. Minutes of these meetings will be taken by the Secretary, or someone appointed to take minutes in the absence of the Secretary, as if the meeting was in person. Meetings need not be recorded.

- Financial expenditures under $300 do not need prior approval of the Board at a meeting. The expenditures should be reported by the treasurer at either a Director's meeting or the AGM. Expenditures over $300 need to be approved with a motion at a meeting.

Moved -Ted, second – Andrew, all in favor - Passed

2. Lending of BCGA GPS units:
The GPS units will only be released to Board members or BCGA Representatives.

If GPS units are to be used in a “pay to attend” event there will be a rental fee charged. All shipping/ insurance charges will be the responsibility of the Representative requesting the use of the units. Ted will work on the details of the lending/rental agreement and submit it for the Boards approval. Sharon will contact suppliers of shield’s to protect the units.

There being no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm by Ted Nash. The next meeting date to be announced.

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