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Content —» Cache Blitz —» BCGA Cache Blitz 2010
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BCGA Cache Blitz 2010

What is the Blitz?

The BCGA Cache Blitz is a way to dust off the winter cobwebs and get out caching. Between May 2nd and August 1st, the BCGA is encouraging people to hide and seek caches. The Blitz will culminate with several events scheduled across the province in mid-August where you can meet local cachers and discuss some of those great new caches you visited.

Prizes Prizes Prizes!!!

Certificates and prizes will be awarded at the wrap-up events for the best cache placements. Plaques will be awarded to the best Overall. Like years past the BCGA is stressing quality over quantity. There will be no certificate awarded for most cache placements. You will have a better chance of winning by placing one great cache rather than several mediocre ones.

Although the BCGA will be supplying several prizes, we depend heavily on the support of the geocaching public. Prize donations are greatly appreciated. Please contact your local representative if you plan on bringing a prize to your local event.

Prizes will be awarded in several categories which may include:

Camouflage / Disguise -- The most popular caches take a page from "The Purloined Letter." These caches are basically out in the open but so well camouflaged they are virtually indistinguishable from their surroundings. Whether placed in the forest, a city park or on a park bench, a cache that blends in well with its environment is always a challenge and the most fun to find.

Innovation -- This category pertains to interesting ideas. People who placed the winning cache in this category truly thought outside the box when placing the cache. This category may include recent innovations in geocaching such as fire tack night caches or any new idea that makes the caching experience unique and enjoyable.

Hike / View / Scenery -- Was there an adventure in store on the way to the cache? A pleasant walk or a fulfilling hike is big part of the outdoor experience. Sometimes we stumble upon that perfect spot. A waterfall, a garden, a mountain top view, or an area so pleasant it beckons us to stay.

Educational Spot / Environmental Awareness -- Although British Columbia is a young province, it is not without history. This category is dedicated to telling the story behind the area where the cache is placed. Driving from cache to cache is not always the most environmentally friendly activity. Geocachers can however play a positive role by being more environmentally aware. Taking a bus, teaching people how to reduce carbon emissions, creating a puzzle that explains some of the lesser-known ways to reduce greenhouse gasses, teaching people about the flowers in a park... these are all ways that we can increase environmental awareness among geocachers. This category is dedicated to making geocachers more aware of their role in protecting our planet.

Cache Page Creativity -- Finding a puzzle geocache takes just as much time at the computer as out in the field. A creative web page adds to the overall experience.

Puzzle Cache -- It's never easy to come up with a perfect cache puzzle. Some puzzles can be done at home while others have to be solved in the field. The best puzzles offer a challenge while still allowing the novice the opportunity to solve it.

Night Cache -- A good night cache takes careful planning. Strategically placed reflectors and a fun adventure can turn the woods into a wonderful night time playground. Rate your evening's adventure here.

Series -- A single cache is great, but sometimes a series of related caches take the experience to the next level.

Overall -- This category goes to your top pick for best cache.

Certificates will be awarded at the events to the winners of each category, with a plaque being awarded to the overall winner. Each winner will then pick a prize from the prize table. Anyone with two or more categories won will have the first pick (however only one pick) from the selection of prizes with the remaining items becoming door prizes for event attendees.

How do I enter my cache in the Blitz?

The BCGA Cache Blitz is open to all cachers across the province. Simply place "B10" at the beginning of your cache name for automatic inclusion. Detailed instructions can be found HERE. Please read the instructions carefully. Voting procedures can also be found on the instructions page.

Random Blitz Rules worth posting:

  1. You can not vote for your own cache
  2. You must have visited and logged a cache in order to vote for it. Blitz organizers reserve the right to remove votes that are made by people that have not visited a cache.
  3. Micros are not allowed, unless they are middle stages of a multi cache (and only if they are the largest appropriate container for the location).
  4. BCGA Directors can participate in the Blitz but will not collect prizes... instead, if a director's cache is selected as a prize winner, the runner up will be awarded the prize.
  5. Nano's are not permitted as any component of any cache for the Blitz.
  6. Earth Caches are permitted.
  7. Whereigo caches are permitted as long as they finish with a real cache... (this is normal for a Whereigo cache anyways)
  8. With respect to rules and judging, all decisions made by the Blitz organizers will be final.
  9. All Blitz caches must be published between May 2nd and June 13th. Caches published outside of those dates will not be included.

It is our hope that this will be the most successful Blitz to date. We encourage geocachers across British Columbia to think outside the box when planning their cache hides. Think creatively, respect the environment, and play safe. Good luck to everyone... Start hiding (if you haven't already!)

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