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Content —» 2010 Directors' Meeting Minutes —» 3) March 7, 2010
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3) March 7, 2010

British Columbia Geocachers Association Minutes
March 07, 2010

The meeting of the BCGA was called to order at 6:07pm on March 07, 2010 on Skype call.

Ted Nash, Ginger Houser, Kelly Contant, Andrew Toms, Irene Pickell, Sharon Cross

Absent: Tom Furlotte

A. Approval of Agenda
Agenda approved

B. Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the last meeting were approved with no changes.

Open Issues

Cacher suspension –
It was discussed if our decision went against what is currently written in the Bylaws.

As there is nothing written in our current Bylaws on how to precede with a “temporary suspension” it was agreed that as a Board we had not contravened anything within the current Bylaws, and that further discussion was would be required. It was agreed that Sharon will contact the cacher that was suspended and request a meeting to let that person present their defense.

It was agreed that Irene respond to an email sent to the Board in regards to the action we had made, and to let that person know we will be dealing with the issue.

1. Committees:

I was decided that we need to put groups together to work on all the projects/ events scheduled for this year.

Assigned Committees:
The following committees have been put in place.
Coin committee- Andrew (Leading), Kelly, Irene
Events: - Ted (Leading), Sharon, Andrew
Blitz: Ginger (Leading), Kelly, Andrew

New Business

1. Coin Update:
The cointest has been placed in the forums. There has however not been much for feedback on it at this stage. It was agreed to let it run to the end of the month.

2. Blitz:
Dates for the Blitz –
Kick Off- May 01st
Cut off – June 13th
Wrap up yet to be determined if it will be August 14th or August 20
It was suggested that we look into presenting the winners with metals this year; this will be discussed by the Blitz committee.

3. Metro parks:
Kevin from Metro Parks has contacted Ted and he is now requested to add 3 more dates; July 10th, July 17th, July 24th. Ted is to contact Kevin from metro Parks to see if there is any compensation to the BCGA for hosting the events.

Science World:
Nina will not be able to work this event as previously discussed, however other cachers have come forward that are willing to take this event on, we will add support if needed.

Hope Valley (May 15th) - Ted has volunteered to do this course at the FV Campus.

Geowoodstock- The booth has been booked and the details are being worked on.

BCGA to consider purchasing GPS’s for event use.
We have been approached about supplying GPS units for 101 events, Metro Parks ect.
Ted will look into the cost’s of the BCGA purchasing 10 units to distribute for these purposes.

Cito events:
Ginger is holding a Cito event in Williams Lake and is looking for ways to provide higher visibility to the community. Chat was had on involving the local businesses so they are aware of Geocaching within the area, and to approach them on providing donations.

There being no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned at 8:04 pm by Ted Nash. The next meeting date to be announced.

Minutes submitted by: Sharon Cross (Secretary)
Approved by: Ted Nash (President)

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