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Content —» 2010 Directors' Meeting Minutes —» 1) January 11, 2010
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1) January 11, 2010

British Columbia Geocachers Association Minutes
January 11, 2010

The regular meeting of the BCGA was called to order at 20:58 on January 11, 2010 in Chat room by Stuart Meinersma.

Stuart Meindersma, Kelly Contant, Ted Nash, Ginger Houser, Irene Pickell, Tom Furlotte, Sharon Cross

A. Approval of Agenda

B. Approval of Minutes

Open Issues

2010 Coin
The 2010 coin was discussed in great detail; it was decided to design a 10 sided coin with a bear on one side and the map of BC on the other. Stuart has offered to draw up a few sketches and post them on the staff forum. – Majority agreed

Classes for Metro Vancouver Parks
May 8th Pacific Spirit 2-4pm - Stu, Ted, Kelly have offered to volunteer.
June 5th Capilano 2-4pm – Stu, Ted, Kelly have offered to volunteer.
June 26th Campbell Valley 2-4pm – Stu, Ted, Sharon, Kelly have offered to volunteer
Others will commit to support as the date draws nearer. Ginger is going to see if she can recruit more volunteers.

Science World
May long weekend –Saturday, Sunday, Monday
Nina (Wildbeanz) has offered to take on this responsibility.
Volunteers still need to be “confirmed” for this event as it is held over three days.
Willing to commit time: Stuart, Ted, Sharon, Kelly

Geocaching 101 events
There will be seven (7) events held around the Province; Victoria, Campbell River, Williams Lake, Prince George, Vancouver, Chilliwack and Kelowna.

Ginger offered to distribute a copy of “101 hand book” to the Board.

“Gift” boxes for the 101 Events- Stuart is drafting a new brochure and will send it to everyone to proof before it is printed. Irene is to look after the distribution of Materials and door prizes. They are on a tentative schedule to get out early next week.

It was agreed we should have a booth at this event. Irene has volunteered to take charge of the booth; tables, chairs ,tent (if needed) and brochures. It was discussed that shifts of 1 hour need to be filled and volunteers are still needed:
Volunteers to date – Ted, Sharon, Tom, Ginger
Irene brought up selling pins at the event- Topic not discussed. More discussion will need to be had on what is going to be offered in the booth.

BGCA Letter head
Ted asked if there was “official” letter head on file, the response was “No, except for the logo’s on file”. Ginger mentioned a provision for adding the local address for return mail. Ted has offered to do a draft and present it to the Directors in the Staff forum.

D. New Business

1. The question was raised if events pay for themselves? It was discussed and agreed that the BCGA will cover losses to the capped amount of $50.00 – majority agreed
2. It was discussed that a BC Parks be mentioned in the “Geocaching Friendly BC” Brochure be prepared for GeoWoodstock – majority agreed
3. It was suggested that an agenda be sent out prior to the next meeting- majority agreed.

E. Agenda for Next Meeting

Coin progression
Items to promote / sell at GeoWoodstock

There being no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned at 22:37pm by Stuart Meindersma. The next meeting will be at 6:00pm on Feb 8th in chat room.

Minutes submitted by: Sharon Cross (Secretary)
Approved by: Stuart Meindersma (President)

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