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Content —» Misc —» G E O B I N G O!
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G E O B I N G O!

Welcome to an exciting new geocaching game.

There will be several GeoBingo games throughout the year. Each game will have a different level of difficulty. This is a blind Bingo game. Players will be able to see tasks as they are drawn. However, they will not be able to see where the tasks are on their card until after their card matches a draw. There are more tasks than spaces available on the card.

Please read the forum's for specifics on each game. Instructions.
  1. Every contestant who signs in will receive an electronic bingo card. Each card is randomly generated and different for each player.
  2. There will be one or more random letter/task draws daily. This will make the contest part luck and part skill.
  3. When the contestant's card matches the draw, a square on the BINGO card will be highlighted in green. Other squares are hidden until they match a drawn letter/task combination.
  4. Geo Bingo requires that the contestants perform the task required in order to claim the square. Only players who complete the tasks are eligible to win.
  5. Players can only preform the task AFTER drawn. In order to claim the green square, the contestants will complete the task on or after the draw date, log the cache/Travel Bug on and fill in the square. Tasks logged before the draw date will be void.
  6. To fill in the BINGO square, simply click on "edit notes" on the BINGO card and type in the call number into the boxes provided. Depending on the task you must fill in either the cache or travel bug (GCXXXX or TBXXXX) reference number in the square. This will be for verification purposes. Only people who fill in the squares are eligible to win.
  7. Once you have completed the game's requirements, call BINGO on the dedicated thread on the BCGA forums. Your card will be checked to make sure the contestant indeed filled all requirements. The game is not won until the card is verified by the judges.
  8. Your card is private. Only the contestant and the game administrators can see them.

  • This game is for BCGA members only
  • Contestants will be assigned one randomly generated BINGO card.
  • Only one card per contestant Cards cannot be changed. All cards will be reset after the game. New cards will be drawn as people sign in for another game.
  • Contestants may only fill in a square after the task has been drawn. Tasks drawn will be highlighted in green.
  • One cache or Travel Bug per square. You may NOT use the same cache/TB to fill requirements for multiple squares.
  • All geocaches/Travelbugs/coins must be new. You may not use a cache or item you have already logged.
  • once contestants complete all tasks/squares as required by the game, the contestant may go to the special allocated BINGO thread on the forums and yell BINGO.
  • the judge's decision is final.
  • BCGA Directors and their families may participate for fun but are not eligible to win a prize. Directors and families may not call BINGO!
  • The first player to call BINGO with all requirements entered on their card will win.
  • In fairness to all players, no single person will be awarded a prize for winning a BINGO round more than once in a 6 month period. You can still play and win... you just won't get a prize until 6 months has passed since your last win. In this scenario, the game will continue until a second person calls BINGO. The prize will then awarded to that person (assuming that the second person doesn't break this rule as well).

Click Here to Create Your Bingo Card

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