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Content —» BCGA Documents —» Conflict of Interest Policy
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Conflict of Interest Policy

BC Geocaching Assoication (BCGA)
Conflict of Interest Policy – V1.1
Date: October 2, 2009

1.1 All BCGA volunteers, including the Board of Directors, shall avoid situations of Conflict of Interest in order to maintain the integrity of the BCGA; if a conflict of Interest is found or disclosed, then management of the problem will be governed by approved policies and procedures.

2.1 “Conflict” means a situation exists when a volunteer or an employee has a direct or indirect affiliation with a supplier of goods or services.The affiliation could provide a situation, real or perceived, where:
A pecuniary interest is involved,
Preferential treatment is given,
There is interference with assigned work duties, or Advantage may be gained by virtue of position

3.1 All employees and any volunteer shall be prohibited from receiving any financial benefit from the Society, directly or indirectly, except through employment contracts and such benefits as may be approved under this policy.
3.2 No volunteer or employee should gain unfair advantage by virtue of his/her position with the Society.
3.3 Volunteers and employees should not accept any gift or service which could be viewed as a payment for services rendered through his/her work with the Society, except for employment contracts. A volunteer or employee may accept any gift which represents the normal exchange of gifts between friends; the normal exchange of hospitality between persons doing business; or tokens exchanged as part of protocol.
3.4 Members of the Board of Directors are required to disclose any business or commercial interest with the Society. Disclosure will be made to the President and/or Vice President. The President, or in his absence, the Vice President will then determine if a conflict exists and take the necessary steps to enforce the terms of this policy.
3.5 The President is required to disclose any business or commercial interests relating to the Society. Disclosure shall be made to the Vice President who shall review the disclosure and determine whether a conflict exists and take the necessary steps to enforce this policy.
3.6 The Vice President is required to disclose any business or commercial interests relating to the Society. Disclosure shall be made to the President who shall review the disclosure and determine whether a conflict exists and take the necessary steps to enforce this policy.

Management of Conflict of Interest Situation
4.1 Any volunteer who has disclosed a conflict of interest shall refrain from voting on the Board of Directors or on the Executive Committee on any decision relating to the interest disclosed. He/she shall excuse himself/herself from the decision-making process, and shall refrain from engaging in any discussions (verbal, written, or electronic) with those making decisions on the matter, and shall otherwise avoid involvement in that particular matter.
4.2 If the conflict arises with respect to the President, the Vice President will review the disclosure and take steps to manage the conflict by requesting the President to: Refrain from the decision-making process;
Provide periodic verbal or written disclosure of any interest;
Avoid involvement in the matter whereby the conflict arises; or Refrain from engaging in any discussion of matters in issue.
4.5 Notwithstanding any disclosure provided if the President, the Vice President, or a Board member shall determine that any conflict disclosed to them for consideration and determination is of such magnitude that the Society is brought into disrepute, any such tender, contract or commercial undertaking may be disqualified, and /or rejected.

5.1 If a conflict of interest is not disclosed by a volunteer, Board member, or President (depending on whose responsibility it was to consider disclosure), shall determine after due process that disclosure should have occurred, any volunteer, Board member or President, who had breached this Policy may be suspended from the Committee, Board of Directors, Executive Committee or any other office with which he/she is a volunteer. If the breach involves an employee, such employee shall be subject to disciplinary action.
5.2 Where disclosure of a conflict must or should have been made by a volunteer or an employee , any contract resulting will be voidable at the option of the Executive Committee, on recommendation from the person responsible for consideration of the disclosure of Conflict of Interest.
5.3 Any employee who has not disclosed a conflict or potential conflict, after due process, a conflict shall be found to exist, or if the employee shall refuse to resolve the conflict, the employee shall be subject to disciplinary action, including without restriction, a request for resignation or discharge from employment.

6.1 Disclosure of a Conflict of Interest may be in writing or may be by verbal report; verbal disclosure shall be recorded in minutes.
6. 2 The written disclosure or minutes , if completed by a volunteer, is to be sent to the BCGA, attention of the President

7.1 It shall not be a conflict for volunteers, employees, or persons for whom they are associated to be paid out-of-pocket expenses. The President shall determine whether any payment of any expenses or benefits may constitute a conflict.
7.2 The Executive Committee and the Board of Directors shall be advised of all Conflict of Interest disclosures, which are found to disclose a conflict.
7.3 Except as stated herein, the Board of Directors and Executive Committee shall not determine nor adjudicate upon Conflict of Interest.
7.4 All Directors and employees will be required to read this policy and sign the form attached (Schedule A).

BCGA Conflict of Interest Policy
Schedule A
I have read and clearly understand the above Conflict of Interest Policy adopted by the BCGA. I agree to these standards and realize that compliance with them is a condition of my association with the Society.




Signature Date

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