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Content —» AGM/EGM Minutes —» 1) June 30, 2004 AGM Meeting - Minutes
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1) June 30, 2004 AGM Meeting - Minutes


BC Geocaching Association

Minutes of Annual General Meeting, June 30, 2004

Present: Bob B., Lawrence P., Terry H., Brandon B., Morley M., Shirley M., Kim F., Keith H., Deena C., Barry D., Henry Kamstra, Doug Soon, John R., Robert M., Dan M., Steve F., Laara E., Karen D., Cathy L., Scott B. and Laurie F., guest

Meeting called to order 7:59 PM.

Agenda introduced:
1. Introductions of those present.
��Laurie will oversee the elections.
2. President's Report delivered by Terry H.
3. Treasurer's Report by Lawrence P.. Karen Moved that Treasurer's Report be accepted as distributed, Seconded, Laara, carried.
4. Elections: Explanation of voting procedure, with a majority required to be elected.

Nominations open.

Doug Soon nominates Henry Kamstra
Laara E. nominated Doug Soon
Steve F. Nominated Mark Schilling
Robert M. nominated Scott Brynen
Henry Kamstra nominated Lance McNichol
Dan M. nominated Dave Barrie
Kim F. nominates Keith H.
Keith H. nominated John R.
Morley M. nominates Kim F..
Bob B. nominates Terry H..

To elect, required a majority 19 votes.

Director 1 - Henry Kamstra is elected.
Director 2 - Doug Soon is elected.
Director 3 - Round 1

  • Mark Schilling has 18 votes.
  • Lance has 0 votes
  • Dave Barrie has 0 votes.
  • Keith Hebert has 14 votes.
  • Scott is removed from the round.
    Director 3 - Round 2
  • Mark is elected with 19 votes.

    Director 4 - Round 1

  • Scott has 4 votes
  • Lance has 15 votes.
  • Dave Barrie 0 votes
  • Keith Hebert has 14 votes
  • John Roberts has 3 votes.

    Director 4 - Round 2

  • Lance has 20 votes and is elected.

    Director 5 - Round 1

  • Scott: 3 votes
  • Dave Barrie 17 votes
  • Kim 13 votes
  • Terry 3 votes
  • Scott and Terry are eliminated

    Director 5 - Round 2

  • Dave Barrie is elected with 19 votes.

    New directors are Henry Kamstra, Doug Soon, Mark Schilling, Lance McNichol and Dave Barrie

    Henry Kamstra nominated by Steve for president, seconded Karen, carried

    Doug Soon nominated for Secretary by Henry, seconded Dan, Carried

    Mark Schilling nominated for Treasurer by (unknown) Seconded (unknown) Carried.

    President's address.

  • Minutes prepared by Lawrence Peters

    Document edited for spelling and format only, by Doug Soon July 1, 2004

    Members Full Names removed for privacy issues.

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