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Content —» 2013 Directors Meeting Minutes —» 2013 Dec 16 Executive Meeting Minutes
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BCGA Executive

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2013 Dec 16 Executive Meeting Minutes

BC Geocaching Association

Directors Meeting

December 16, 2013

Kathy Costello, Kathleen Sharpe, Kevin MacDonald

  1. Call to order 1936

  2. Additions to the agenda

  3. Review & Approve Minutes of Nov 18 regular meeting

    1. Kathleen Sharpe motions to Approve

    2. Kathy Costello seconds

    3. Carried

  4. Review & Approve Minutes of Nov 28 email meeting

    1. Kathleen Sharpe motions to approve

    2. Kevin MacDonald seconds

    3. Carried

  5. Financial update - Adrian Fontenla

    1. Payment of coins has been made to landsharkz, approx $4,700.

    2. Transferred funds out of paypal account to main society account.  

    3. Currently, there is inventory with three directors.  

      1. Each director holding inventory will need to prepare a reconciliation of inventory movements for the entire year (Jan 1 - Dec 31), please send no later than Jan 1, 2014.

        1. Kathleen Sharpe reminds about Inventory form in Google Drive

    4. If directors have an out-of pocket costs, please send me an expense report no later than Jan 1, 2014

    5. If directors have any undeposited funds, please send me the information and ensure the deposit is made prior to Dec 31, 2013

      1. Kathleen Sharpe motions to approve

      2. Kevin MacDonald seconds

      3. Carried

  1. Coin

    1. Report on sales to date Adrian Fontenla

      1. Report made on strong start and the need to build on the sales to date to continue.  Discussion ensued on how to proceed

        1. Groundspeak forums

        2. Coin Bot - cleaning house,  links to website, email

      2. The ELE coins have arrived they look great, shipping them to winners will be a challenge, and may require special shipping boxes.

      3. As discussed at the previous meeting, I was tasked with coming up rules of the auction, see “other” section for a summary.

      4. Mention need to find out from coin designer, choice of coins

        1. Original submission stated a total of 15 coins for the winning selection.

        2. Kathleen Sharpe to contact Danica

    2. Comments from purchasers

      1. Positive comments and feedback

  2. Website update project

    1. What features do we like and/or need to retain from present site

    2. What features are missing from present site that we should have

    3. What features do we need to implement first

    4. Costing

    5. Possible survey of the website users

    6. Timeline

      1. Review of Joomla site

      2. Kevin MacDonald to give access info to directors for feedback within the next three weeks and feedback by mid January

      3. Costing out the various modules on a priority basis with webmaster

  3. 10th Anniversary Feb 16, 2014 – any ideas

    1. Contests, Bingo, Quizes, Photo contest,pathtags, coin

      1. Directors to submit next meeting

  4. Joint Metro Vancouver Geocachers/BCGA Earthcache 10th Anniversary Event

    1. the executive discussed the need to develop criteria for BCGA support of regional educational events

      1. Kathy Costello motions that we offer MVG non financial support that would enable them to run their event, such as door prizes, assistance from executive(s), materials

      2. Kathleen Sharpe seconds

      3. Carried

  5. Other

    1. Proposed auction rules: -

    2. There will be three separate auctions, if at any time the ELE coins are sold out all further auctions will be cancelled.

      1. First bidding round for BCGA Members members(must be a member in good   standing at the time of bidding),

      2. Second bidding round will include non member website users,

      3. Third bidding round will be open to general public·  

      4.  Auctions will adhere to policies set out as PDF document

    3. All rulings of the executive will be considered final

      1. Kathy Costello motions to approve the auction rules as written

      2. Kevin Macdonald seconds

      3. Carried

Next meeting set for January 13, 2014 at 1930

  1. Adjourn  2110

    1.    Kathleen motions to adjourn

    2.    Kathy Costello second

    3.    Carried

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