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Content —» 2013 Directors Meeting Minutes —» 2013 Oct 21 Executive Meeting Minutes
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BCGA Executive

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2013 Oct 21 Executive Meeting Minutes

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BC Geocaching Association
Directors Meeting
October 21, 2013

Kathy Costello, Adrian Fontenla, Kevin MacDonald

  1. Call to order

  2. Additions to the agenda

  3. Review & Approve Minutes of Sept 30 Special meeting

    1. Kevin MacDonald motions to accept the minutes of Sept 30, 2013

    2. Adrian Fontenla Seconds

    3. Carried

  4. Review & Approve Sept 23,2013 regular meeting

    1. Tabled

  5. Review & Approve AGM minutes May 25, 2013

    1. After some discussion over wordings the minutes where tabled pending further clarification

  6. Financial Update

    1. Expecting Coin invoice this fiscal from Edley Imagineering

    2. Please have all expenses in by December 31st

    3. Inventory will need to be taken for the financials

      1. Less than 50 of each of the coins remains

    4. Kevin MacDonald motions to accept the financial update

      1. Kathy Costello seconds

      2. Carried

  7. Coin Update

    1. Factory choose to not produce any coins until all the designs where complete

    2. Photo of the new ELE coin was discussed, but the physical coin still in transit

    3. Consensus that the new coin looks great

    4. Kathy Costello motions to accept the ELE coin based on the photo but subject to approval by Landsharkz and one member of the BCGA executive

      1. Kevin MacDonald seconds

      2. Carried

  8. Report on Geocaching 101 in Voctoria

    1. Kevin MacDonald reported it was well attended, but suggested the format was too long - 2 hours of slides and 1 hour of caching.

    2. Overall a success, and well done.

  9. Report on BCGA CITO

    1. Lovely sunny day for the event

    2. The area was planted in 30 minutes

    3. Kathy C to provide photos for social media

    4. The area manager for MVP reported a positive Geocaching experience

  10. Upcoming BCGA 10th Anniversary Feb 16th, 2014

    1. Various ideas discussed

      1. 10th Anniversary coin

      2. Geoart (Adrian Fontenla would assist as he has experience with Geoart projects)

      3. Pathtags

      4. Wooden coins/tokens

  11. Other items

    1. Next meeting Nov 18th

  12. Adjourn

    1. Adrian Fontenla motions to adjourn

    2. Kathy Costello seconds

    3. Carried 21:25

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