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Content —» 2013 Directors Meeting Minutes —» 2013 July 22 Executive Meeting Minutes
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BCGA Executive

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2013 July 22 Executive Meeting Minutes

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BC Geocaching Association

Directors Meeting Agenda,

July 22, 2013

Held via Skype.  Present:  Kathy Costello, Adrian Fontenla, Kevin McDonald, Chris Yuill, Kathleen Sharpe (late due to previous commitment)

  1. Call to order 7:37 PM

  2. Additions to the agenda

  3. Review & Approve Minutes of June 3 meeting

        - Moved Kathy Second Adrian carried

  1. Minutes of AGM May 25

        - TABLED - Numerous edits are required, minutes need to be revised and voted on when corrected

  1. Business Arising/updates

  2. Financial Overview

- $11,000 in the bank, no major expenses coming up except for the new coin. Moved  Adrian, second by Chris carried.

  1. Blitz

  • Numbers and locations

    • not as many caches as previously

  • Wrap Up events hosts/dates/places

    • ongoing.  Events set for IS and LM

  • Distribution of prizes throughout regions

    • based on number of winners in each

    • yes please to the certificates again.

  1. Coin update

- reviewed new art, discussion of colours

- consensus to move ahead with the coin design

  1. Conference call options

- Kevin is looking into options

        - Webex as an option

        - uber conference

        - others

  1. Other

        - Website is old and needs updating

        - Kevin proposes that he meet with Henry to come up with a plan to replace

        - Kevin moves to proceed to produce a proposal to the board for the replacement of the website with Henry. Seconded Kathleen.  Carried.

  1. Adjourn

        - Adrian moves to adjourn Kevin seconded. Carried

Next Meeting Aug 12 7:30, Kevin to provide platform. 

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