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Swans of Lonesome Lake:  [?] . You might remember a book called "The Caruso of Lonesome Lake" where Ralph Edwards saved the BC Trumpeter swans from extinction from the 1920's to the 1950s. It was almost required reading for our generation in elementry school in the 70s. Edwards cabin burnt down in the BC fires of 2004. [M | C
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Content —» 2012 Directors Meeting Minutes —» Oct 22, 2012 Executive Meeting Minutes
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BCGA Executive

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Oct 22, 2012 Executive Meeting Minutes

BC Geocaching Association

Executive Meeting Minutes

October 22, 2012

Kathy Costello, Chris Yuill, Kathleen Sharpe  - Quorum

Call to order 1941

  1. Additions to the agenda  

  2. Review & Approve Minutes of Sept 17 meeting

    1. Motion - Chris Yuill

    2. Seconded- Kathy Costello

    3. Carried

  3. Business Arising/updates - none

  4. Financial overview-not available

  5. Ongoing Projects/Activities

    1. Regional Reps

      1. detail

      2. requirements

      3. communication

      4. better participation on forums etc

    2. Bylaw committee

      1. nothing available at this time

    3. Facebook & other social media

      1. nothing available at this time

    4. Bingo

      1. New wicked BINGO

      2. Regional representation

    5. Survey

      1. Nothing available at this time

  6. Coin Update

    1. Stalled..

    2. Need finalization on design

    3. Concerns re photographic image

    4. Kathleen Sharpe to contact designer for new updates

  7. Training day update

    1. Lower Mainland close to launch - Looking at Nov 17

      1. require venue

      2. working in conjunction with Metro Vancouver Geocachers

      3. Budget

        1. - Participants pay for lunch, BCGA pays for venue

          1. Kathy Costello motions BCGA will pay up to $300.00 for venue and expenses with the expectation that participants will pay a minimal amount to cover cost of meal. If liability insurance is required by the venue BCGA will cover the cost in addition to the venue

          2. Kathleen Sharpe seconds

          3. Carried

        2. Format

          1. To provide useful knowledge to cachers

          2. Two streams

            1. new cachers

            2. experienced cachers

  8. Other

    1. Next Meeting Nov. 19

  9. Kathleen Sharpe motions to adjourn

    1. Kathy Costello seconds

Adjourned 2035

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