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Content —» 2012 Directors Meeting Minutes —» 2012 July 16 Executive Meeting Minutes
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2012 July 16 Executive Meeting Minutes

BC Geocaching Association

Executive Meeting Minutes

July 16, 2012

Call to order 1932

Kathy Costello, Chris Yuill, Adrian Fontenla, Kathleen Sharpe, Michelle DeGroot

  1. Additions to the agenda

  2. Approve Minutes of June 11 meeting

Adrian Fontenla motions

Kathy Costello seconds


  1. Financial overview

a.         Does not include Island Spirit cost or revenue

b.        Amortizing unearned revenue monthly

c.         Inventory 274 coins after Island Spirit (Approx $813 in Revenue at Island spirit

d.        Continuing with standard practice of annual financial statements with details available upon request to the Treasurer

.         Adrian moves to accept Financial Report as presented

.         Michelle seconds

.        Carried

  1. Business Arising/updates

    1. Island Spirit recap

      1. registration event well attended and went smoothly

      2. good exposure

      3. mascots attended

      4. Pins well received

      5. approx 20 people attended Geocaching Introduction course presented by cuddlefish, PEARLWIND, &  katcogo

      6. Thank yous to the BCGA volunteers

      7. 72 Membership forms received as well as numerous new website users

      8. Contact with Magellan Rep

      9. Thank you to Event Organizers

  2. Blitz

    1. stats

      1. 55 province wide to place cachers  -

      2. Wrap up events

    2. Events published

      1. Thompson Okanagan

      2. Vancouver Island South

    3. Submitted

      1. Lower Mainland

    4. In Progress

      1. Vancouver Island North

    5. Reminders

      1. Fraser Valley

      2. Kootenays

      3. Northern BC

    6. Prizes – anything else for winners?

      1. Grand prize for overall/voter update

      2. Waiting for event cache pages published before recontacting major suppliers

  3. Ongoing Projects/Activities

    1. Regional Reps

      1. Still none for North Island & Lower Mainland

    2. Bylaw committee – can we proceed with who we have?

      1. Only one so far - perhaps look at the policies that need review and advise

      2. Adrian will send email and ask for input

    3. Facebook & other social media – seems to be more activity

      1. Traffic spiked and then leveled out  - Mid June it increased from 400 to 1000 views

      2. Other Countries have Likes

      3. Twitter feeds marginal

      4. RRS feeds go to Twitter and Facebook

    4. MOT

      1. Clarification on some issues required

      2. Definitions

      3. Ongoing

  4. ·         Outreach

    1. Geocaching 101 PPT Presentation

      1. Michelle - Compiling info on slides

    2. Kathy - You Tube proposal

      1. Adrian - GSAK presentations

      2. Island Spirit

    3. Film project -Kathy/Adrian/Michelle

      1. Consent is required

      2. Filming is ongoing

      3. Official Narrator

    4. Penticton Course-Adrian

      1. 25   9 - 11 yr olds caching - Summer Camp Group

      2. Honorarium will be donated to BCGA

    5. Bingo

      1. 127 cards playing

      2. 35 active individuals completed tasks

      3. Good representation across the province

    6. Coins/pathtags/swag

      1. Coin - Suggested to a few people that they try their hand at coin design

    7. 10 Survey

      1. Discussion of survey questions

      2. Kathy Costello to submit questions

      3. Adrian to update on Survey company / mock survey to test

  5. Possible Kamloops Mega

    1. Adrian - Interested group talking about potentially holding a Mega

    2. Preliminary Discussions

    3. Adrian will liaison

Michelle DeGroot motions to Adjourn

Adrian Fontenla  Seconds

Adjourned @ 2139

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